16 Jan 2013

Poundland and makeup brands

I was browsing what my local Poundland stocks  (nothing to be ashamed of), and lo and behold! I see some known makeup brands like Outdoor girl, Rimmel, Revlon, Sleek, Collection 2000 and some others. These brands were not selling their whole range but selected few items, but I managed to pick up a Rimmel lip liner (which I love) and a few Rimmel colourful paint pots (do NOT love as they are very runny but will make good eye bases that are very sheer), Rimmel waterproof mascara in black (very good) and a Sleek lipstick (which is a creamy gold and can be worn on top of lipsticks to give a shiny light gold effect or if you like wearing pale lipsticks; a good one for you. So, all in all I spent a fiver on 5 items - an excellent way to try out a brand or an item.

See you soon at Poundland :-)