7 Jan 2013

Does Genetics affect hair and makeup?

Does Genetics affect hair and makeup?
The answer is yes (and your lifestyle so it is a combination of factors)

This blog is nothing about the title or should I say, it somewhat is! The next few lines are more revealing; In 2000, I made a career transition from Molecular Genetics to Makeup artistry and Hair Styling. I would like to add that it was more of a journey rather than an abrupt change.

Some of you will wonder why, others will probably judge and comment that if she really wanted to do Make up and Hair Dressing, then why did she waste her time, surely Molecular Genetics is not a pre-requisite to be a make up artist or hair dressing for that matter.

All I remember is that when I decided to leave my budding academic career; I had no regrets. Infact, I never missed: the laboratory atmosphere, the sterile smells that began and ended my long days, the nights I spent peering at the auto radiographs, the radioactive materials that I had to shield my ovaries from, those white coats that even after a wash did not look that great, those competitive people within a group that would do anything - by anything I mean ANYTHING,  the long nights spent persevering so that the goal was achieved when time was running out, the training of students, the writing of thousands of words to complete a thesis or the scientific grants or papers, the going back full stop!

As the journey of one career ended with a PhD, the new journey required some thought and planning, although most of the skills were already in place due to a natural talent. What was needed was refining and confidence to pursue and thrive.

Although, the road to creativity seemed a clear choice, there were a few bypasses......Back to Academia it was to learn about Management at London School of Economics which would provide a new perspective altogether; a great theoretical background for any business to say the least and provide a few more choices. It is always good to have choices!

Horizons were definitely broadened, and the vision to having my own business had never been clearer.
Now came the decision to which school (AGAIN you and I say) should the creative skills be honed at. Using analysis, it was felt that every school under consideration had a unique quality and that over time, a few should be attended to gain valuable techniques.

At the first make up class, the feeling of excitement was nothing less than your first love; when you know you are made for each other.

Make up classes turned into experience (skins of all types and colour), experience turned into experimentation, experimentation led to photo shoots, photo shoots led to social media, social media led to networking, networking led to ideas, ideas led to a variety of outputs. The fun, passion, hardwork, obsession all pays off - given the time and patience.

Make up as a complete field is vast, there are: fashion make up artists, beauty make up artists, wedding make up artists, TV / FILM make up artists, prosthetic make up artists, catwalk make up artists. So, you can specialise in any of these but also decide to specialise in one of them and branch out to a complimentary service like Hair Styling (goes hand in hand) or Photography (be behind the lens both ways) or beauty (after all make up is an element of beauty). Saying that nothing is more satisfying than imparting your experience, training people who will remind you of how you began, test your patience, teach you about human psychology and in a philosophical way complete the circle.

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