27 Aug 2011

Chanel Eye shadows - Illusion D'ombre

I have discovered these amazing pots in 6 colours and I bought one in maroon, black, white and steel grey. It looks like a cream shadow but at touch it is quite powdery / slippery and can be buffed on with a fluffy brush like MAC 217 on your eyelids or can be put on with fingers (although I found it quite messy this way). They have beautiful sparkly bits in them which actually do not drop off as the night goes on. I used them in the morning and it lasted until the end of the day! You can use them on their own or add to any other eyeshadow for some glam ;)

14 Aug 2011

Tutorial requests

A lot people send me requests on how to cover their dark under eye circles so I will be putting something together for you next week. Nothing beats a one to one lesson but for those who cannot do that, this will hopefully be helpful.

Rimmel eyeshadows

On one of my superdrug visits, I found a few interesting eyeshadow quads by rimmel. I was looking for a bronzy and a lilacy quad for myself and the results were super. It lasted the whole day on my eye primer like all other expensive brands. Will dig out the names of the palette if anyone wants to know.

Ardell lashes

I have tried several lashes on clients but I still love Ardell lashes in 103 , 105 and their demis.

Suqqu eyebrow pen

Now this is new thing - a felt tip pen for eyebrows but even though it sounds like it would be like colouring in, this is very subtle and looks amazingly natural. I am using 01 which is a dark colour that matches my brows it looks dark brown there is no red in the brown so looks natural. There is a reddy brown in 02 if you have lighter brows.

Laura Mercier secret camouflage

I have added this whole range of concealers in my kit after trying out no 5 under my eyes and receiving several cmpliments how fresh I looked. Well, the secret to using this the correct is to tap on the colour and lightly pat on the discoloured area - do not drag ! This is a dry formulation and if not used correctly under the eyes will give you lines!!
Each palette has 2 colours, one which is peachy salmony and other is yellow based. Use the salmony one on the gluey purport or dark areas of skin and then blend with yellowy one on top. Yelowy one can be used on it's own on areas which are closest to the lighter parts of your face. Don't forget to powder and set.


I have recently tried out the foundation line by Suqqu that is available in Selfridges, and I am using the darkest one available in their range no 35. It has a flawless finish and a little goes a long way. In pictures that I took of myself with an ordinary camera, my skin looked air brushed and smooth. Definitely worth a try girls!

3 Aug 2011

Bobbi Brown Makeup artist discount card

The discount card that was valid in Selfridges is no longer valid anymore. V annoying! Apparently a new scheme is coming out for us....please inform all your makeup artists before they reach the paying counter!