8 May 2014

Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting powder

For a long time I had been searching for a contour shade which did not have any reddish tint. Finally, this one by Kevyn Aucoin in shade medium is a perfect flat brown shade that I had been hunting for a while. For my skin tone I am sure that the shade in dark wouldnbe fine too. The texture is slightly creamy but powder and highly pigmented. My only complain (yes I  am fussy) is that it is only 3g and retails around £22. I know that I will need to purchase this often so maybe a bigger one would be better value for money. The new packaging also makes this look tiny but I should not complain as a makeup artist  the tinier it is, the more I can stuff my kit with (seriously).

Maybelline Fit me foundation

After hearing amazing reviews about Maybelline Fit me foundation, I thought there is no harm (yes it is to my finances) in trying out one. I went to Superdrug and tested a few colours out on my jawline (as you do) and found that 220 was the closest match in the liquid. I then also saw the stick foundations which were a thicker consistency so picked 220 in that too.

I have now worn the liquid and find that it has a yellow undertone and matches quite well and looks flawless. I would also say that it does not make my skin greasy after a few hours like some others so I am happy with it.

The stick foundation in 220 on the other hand is another story - it has a pink undertone and after an hour makes my skin look quite red. I am quite miffed as both liquid and stick have the same numbers there should not be a difference in the undertone unless it is meant to be a corrector which it clearly does not say!?

My fault totally as I should have swatched the stick foundation and compared it to liquid one before an impulsive buy!

22 Apr 2014

Shiseido Lipsticks

I must say that these lipsticks by Shiseido are probably the best blingy lipsticks I have ever worn. They have tiny sparkly bits in them and are highly pigmented and moisturising. 

You won't be needing a lipgloss on top of these! 

Ideally I would like to have all of them.

21 Apr 2014

Inglot cosmetics - 6 lipsticks

I have a major weakness for makeup, incase you had not noticed. Of all the things I like to decorate my face with, I must say that a lipstick always wins hands down if I had to make a choice in purchasing the one item. Lipsticks just add the finishing touch to the whole look or a bit of colour if everything else is understated.

On one of my (many) trips to Westfield, I discovered the fascinating store of Inglot; to any makeup obsessed person, Inglot is the equivalent of a candy store to a child. 

I spent hours swatching their lipsticks but in the end bought 6. 

Of the 6 below, 218 and 104 are creamy, the rest are all matte. Infact 408 is also very similar to MAC Ruby woo.