29 Feb 2016

Vaseline spray and go

The very lazy in me really cannot be asked to oil or cream my legs in this weather. Must I tell you that the weather I am pointing at is currently dry, biting cold winds and the priveledged have heating turned on to its highest for warm and cosy nights. Problem with London weather and water is that it makes skin even more dry as the water is hard and heating evaporates the natural
Moisture from skin.

From a beauty expert (not me) the advice is to moisture the skin right after a shower so it holds moisture better in skin.

This Vaseline spray and go has been a life saver (what a drama queen!) for my dry itchy legs which have become even drier thanks to ipl treatments and shavinh them every week.

If I do not use this my skin is so itchy that I can scratch and scratch until it bleeds (a very addictive feeling it is to scratch an itch). 

Aloe vera Vaseline is the only one i have tried and stuck to in the past year and it leaves my legs shiny, soft, moisturised for  hours. The best thing is it feels slightly cool which feels amazing on the hot itchy skin after itching!! 

I only use it on my legs as that is the only dry problem area for me but it is made for all over the body use. 

Highly recommend it.