28 Dec 2012

Makeup Artist and Hair Styling Training Courses 2012

This year I saw quite a few enthusiastic students that wanted to learn Hair Styling and Makeup to enter the Wedding Industry as make-up artists and / or hair stylists.  At present the longest course on offer is 5 Days and the shortest is 1 Day, saying that it is also possible to tailor-make the lessons to everyone's requirement.  Courses start from 10 am and finish at 5 pm every day. Courses are suitable for any age or level and no prior experience is required. Our speciality is to provide one to one training to give undivided attention to each client.

Models were provided for demonstration purpose, practice and portfolio shoots for our make-up students.

Some of the students who only did Make up this year are very keen to return next year to do Hair Styling and vice versa. Most of the students have been passed on work shadowing and the ones that showed further interest and had their own transport were also passed on paid work. Each student was given advice how to further their work, build their kit and start their business.

For 2013, we have on offer 10% discount from 1 Jan to 1 Feb 2013 on all Professional training courses in Hair / makeup. For further details please visit



25 Dec 2012

What to do after your makeup course?

First of all let me tell you that you have entered a career that is not only exciting but very competitive. There are also various branches of makeup : fashion, media, weddings, special effects

Most students that leave their course have no idea how long it takes to establish themselves let alone build a decent portfolio!

This career is :for people who are not only creative but are willing to persevere and have the patience. So, a lot of it is about your personality.

Let me make somethings very clear:

YOU WILL NOT GET ANY PAID JOB AS SOON AS YOU LEAVE YOUR COURSE. Unless you already have a family business or a ready made client base waiting for you.....you will need to do a lot of the things mentioned below.

If you think you will get hired because of a certain school name on your certificate- think again! In this industry it is about your skills and personality. A good teacher will teach you well but it is up to you to practise and get better to impress. All the jobs that I have ever been booked for have been based on my various portfolios and word of mouth. Clients do not ask to see your certificates.

Things to do:

Build your own simple website or hire someone

Get some business cards made

Invest in a decent camera and try and take good pictures of your work even if they are not models

Learn to Photoshop but do not over do it as it only destroys the quality if your hard work. If you can get some lessons.

Keep a budget for marketing (or who will know about your work). Even though there are free sites, social media to register your site, be realistic as all others will do the same. Do your own research for marketing there are various options and you will need something that works for you and your budget.

Collaborate with others in the industry (photographers, stylists, models) to build or expand your portfolio. You will need to collaborate with others who are at the same level as you as professionals will not take a junior and have their work at stake! It takes years to build a good portfolio.

Network within your industry, find out opportunities and take your business cards and a portfolio (ipad or printed).

Apply for counter jobs, it will teach you how to sell products, build a kit with daounted prices, how to communicate with clients, how to be professional, network and not only keep you uptodate with product news but also give you a chance to practise on real people of all ages and colour. If you cannot get a job at a makeup counter get one in any retail area and then apply for the counter job after experience.

Shadow makeup artists if they provide opportunities. Count yourself lucky if you get this chance, most artists will not take on juniors or people they have not trained. Try and watch something different each time, and try and shadow a few. Shadowing is FREE, which means you pay for your own travel and lunch.

Things to remember when shadowing:

Leave good impressions

Be polite

Be keen

Ask questions after the job is over

Switch your mobile off

Do NOT not turn up to the job - YOU WONT BE ASKED AGAIN!

Do NOT block the way or light for work.

Do NOT be late - you won't be asked again!

Do NOT take pictures as it is NOT your work and most clients won't appreciate that.

Do NOT take cigarette breaks while shadowing

Ask permission for most things

If you can do ask to help carry bags or clean brushes or clean brushes

Goodluck in your new and exciting career!

What should your kit contain for Bridal Makeup?

My students often ask me what their kit should contain if they want to do only bridal makeup as a career......

Whether you will only do brides or party makeup, your kit needs to contain items that is appropriate for all skin and colour.

I have divided the kit shopping into specific areas so that it is easy to understand. The brands that I have recommended are the ones that I have personally used over the years and recommend but there are several out there that are affordable and probably so the same job.


Makeup brushes (various sizes and shapes) - needs a separate blog!
Slanted Tweezers (Tweezerman)
Eyelash curler (Shu Uemura)
Cotton buds (normal, pointed and extra fine)
Cotton pads
Disposable sponges
Disposable mascara wands
Disposable lip brushes
Disposable eyeliner brushes
A plastic plate / tile  to decant products out on for your client
small water spray

Prepping the face:

Cleanser and toner or something that can do the job in one (Bioderma, Avene or Lancome)
Moisturisers (for normal or dry skin) - Embryolisse, Lancome, Guerlain, Chanel, Vichy, Garnier
Primers (for normal / young / mature skin) - Gosh, Smashbox, MAC, Guerlain, Laura Mercier, Nars
Primer and Moisturiser in one - Laura Mercier, MAC
Eye shadow primer (Too faced, nyx, Lime crime, Nars)
Lip balm (Carmex or Vaseline)


Tinted moisturisers (Laura Mercier, MAC's Face and Body, Clinique)
Medium to thick coverage (MAC, Nars, Illamasqua)
Full Coverage (Estee, MAC, Illamasqua. Makeup Forever)
Powder Foundations (Chanel, MAC)


Translucent (MAC, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Cornsilk)
Tinted (Chanel, MAC, Bobbi Brown)


Some of the brands I have used are: Tom Ford, Chanel, Dior, YSL, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Maybelline, Rimmel, L'Oreal and many more

Lip Glosses

same as above or make your own by buying a good quality clear gloss

Eyebrow pencils / powders / mascara (clear or coloured)

Rimmel, MAC, Bobbi Brown

Eye shadows

MAC (matt and shimmer - a variety), Bobbi Brown, Nars, Shu Uemura, Illamasqua (highly pigmented and matt ones)

You can buy unbranded matt and shimmer ones on ebay

Mascara (Black / Brown)

Lancome (Hypnose Drama), Clinique, Maybelline, L'Oreal


Shu Uemura, MAC, Ardell and there are too many out there now, some are amazing bargains

Gel Eyeliners

Makeup Atelier (my first choice), MAC (my second choice), Clinique (if you are not that fast and want to take your time, does not dry that fast so easier to use)

Cake eyeliners

Kryolan, Laura Mercier,


Sleek, MUA, MAC, Bobbi, Estee, Chanel, YSL


Guerlain, Chanel, MAC

Pigments (highly versatile) 


If you are a on a budget, most high street shops are a good option to stock up. The only things I would advise to spend money on is good moisturisers / primers, foundations and eyeshadows for your clients. Cheaper high street makeup lacks the spectrum of colours for all skin tones. Cheaper shadows also tend to look too shimmery and have a lot of fall out.

Professional Makeup Artist Discount Schemes

For those of you that have recently finished a course in makeup, one of the most important thing on your mind is to now get a makeup kit together for your clients.

A makeup kit is not cheap and it takes a long time and loads of money to reflect your client base.

Most companies (apart from the designer ones) and makeup stores, will have a professional makeup artist scheme that you could apply for; proving that you work in the industry (by showing various items like):

copies of your certificates
a website
a business card
a call sheet to show that you have been hired for a job
union card with photo id
any published or credited work

Some of the companies that offer the scheme are:

MAC - provides 35 % but you have an annual fee of approx £26 to pay
Illamasqua - provides 40% discount no fee to pay
Bobbi Brown - provides 40 % but you have to pay an annual fee again
Makeup Up Forever
Makeup Atelier
Laura Mercier
Urban Decay
Too faced
Minerals ID
Daniel Sandler

Stores - PAM and Guru Emporium

You should apply to the each company either via e-mail or by post.

Please add to this list if you know of others that provide a discount.

23 Sep 2012

Nyx eyebrow cake powder 02

I have just discovered Nyx at the Olympia Beauty show 2012 and out of various products have found their eyebrow kit in 02 the best. It comes with:

  • two shades of flat brown (darker and a slightly lighter one) ideal for ladies of colour or for darker brows
  • a brush to colour the brows with
  • a mascara brush to brush the eyebrows if you have put too much on or just to brush them anyway
  • a waxy gloss again if you want to give your brows some shine and direction or if you have larger gaps and you put the wax on first then touch with the brown powder, it gives you a darker and longer lasting effect
  • best thing is it is tiny enough to carry it in my purse or use in my kit!

PS:- there are other shades in this kit for lighter brows or coloured brows

17 Sep 2012

Back to Learning

As the main wedding season is ending, there will now be more time for one to one, weekly and group lessons again. These are particularly helpful if you want to learn to apply your own makeup or want to become a makeup artist or have accumulated a drawer full of cosmetics over a period of time and have no idea how to use them or stuck in rut with just the one look for years!

Don't worry, you are not the only one! Some of my recent brides have done these, some to do their own makeup on their own wedding day and some of the brides who were (should I say?) impressed with my skills, that they thought they should learn to do more makeup for more events after the wedding. Some brides have even changed their career and done longer courses to become a makeup artist or hair stylists.
A lot of my students are now working with me as my team and we have done many catwalk shows and several weddings together.

The lessons are for anyone who wants to learn a new makeup look like a flawless base or a smokey eye or how to do eye liner or virtually any makeup technique(s). Lessons can also be booked as gift vouchers for a special occasion for a loved one.

Incidentally, if you cannot come to us to learn, we are happy to come to you wherever you are..........

O and before I forget, we are moving to our new studio in Rayners Lane tomorrow (2 min walk from the station to Talbot House), so why not pop down? Just call and let us know you will be coming over. Ring 07967204275