16 Mar 2015

Face oils as moisturisers

Since last year and a half I have been experimenting with oils as moisturisers as I felt my skin needed something different to a cream due to breakouts. 

The ones that I have tried are below 

I started with the Sanctuary's therapist secret facial oil and used it straight after a shower and felt it made my skin a lot clearer, softer and brighter after a few months of use. To be honest, it was people around me who thought my skin looked very fresh for a change.

The above has been 'lifted' from the Boots website about this product. Hmmm as I have mature skin, am assuming this is why this product suited me :-). To be honest, I was reading about some of these ingredients and their effects on the skin and found that rosehip oilf contains the natural highest amounts of retinol and is therefore responsible for making more collagen etc

I then decided to use pure organic rosehip on its own on my skin instead and hence bought a bottle from Boots by Trilogy. I found this oil slightly thicker than the Sanctuary one as am sure that oil has a base oil with everything else mixed in it.

Also, I had that there are some amazing organic rosehip oils available in Australia so I ordered the Rosehip Plus and find it very similar to the one by Trilogy.

In general my skin looks more hydrated and to the touch feels smooth and actually looks smoother than ever before but ofcourse there is a limit as no scars from acne like pitting will reverse to flatsmooth  surface with these products.

But hey there are loads of other things out there to experiement with too.....and makeup only looks better on skin that is smooth and in decent condition to begin with enhancing your best features not masking them!