10 Mar 2015

Dolce & Gabbana the foundation perfect luminous liquid foundation teinteclat parfait

Having heard many a good things about this foundation, I finally decided to try this  particular one for my (aging skin). God only knows as I would like to look luminous and glowy with little bit of cover up now and again (sigh).....

I purchased 2 shades (as I am a mixer woman) as I wanted something with a yellow shade and something warm and peachy. 

shade 120 is on the left and 144 is on the right. 120 has a more yellow golden tone to it and 144 has a more peachy warmer tone. Saying that I found that both colours when they come out of the bottle look lighter but ince blended into the skin oxidise and so darken.

I found that 120 even though looks remarkably yellowy still has some pink undertone to it and this is something I had heard about this range that none of their colours have a true yellow undertone. 

I have swatched on my hand here
Second picture already shows some darkening

This is both rubbed into my skin looking very peach!

Pictures of this on my face with flash photography to follow