2 Jan 2016

Smoothskin Gold ipl at home system

First all apologies for totally ignoring the blog for sometime but the good news is that huge number of posts with my opinions are coming through. Yay I hear you say!?

Let me start by saying that my genetic makeup makes me a very hairy woman, might be a waxing lady's delight but what a nuisance to me for years. To top it off being polycystic never helped either. To those hairy women and ones with hormonal imbalances, I truly sympathise with you and hopefully provide my experience that might help you keep your hairs away for months and even years.

In the past decade I have had laser on various bits of my bod and face and I must say in some places the hair never grew back. In most places that has grown back even after 12 sessions or more the hair is so fine that it is nearly a dark blonde. Those can easily be bleached but I don't even bother with that now. I forgive myself for being fluffy and shall easily live with those.

Now for those areas that I never tried ipl or laser before like my legs, I bought an ipl unit 5 years ago called the smooth skin system which actually reminded me of an old phone apparatus except that it was violet and white in colour.

I used to use that machine on my legs and a few areas on my face. The probe had glass area which touched the skin and in 15 min or so used to heat up enough to cause burns. Also from one area probed to the next you had to wait like 5seconds which was very time consuming especially for large areas of the body. The areas that I did do a few times, I noticed 80% reduction in hair regrowth which for me was amazing. Unfortunately, the time it demanded I did not have the patience for it, plus the burns it left me although superficial were painful and took 2 weeks to heal so all in all was not worth it I thought.

The new machine by the same company www.smoothskingold.com is an advanced model and it seems like they have heard the negative reviews and fixed a few things.

First of all, the machine is now smaller than the old apparatus. It is now the size of a 1970s walkie talkie (that is the best way I can describe it). It is much easier to use and with a larger head so larger areas can be attacked faster!

Secondly, there is only a 1 second wait between one probe flash to the next. This means it takes me a few minutes to do my lower leg now as opposed to an hour with the last machine.

Thirdly, the machine has a smart sensor built in that recognises what tone of skin you are and only supplies the right amount of energy for that area which means no chance of burns!

Fourthly, there is now a clear window between 2 sensors of the probe and no glass that use to heat up and burn the skin.

Let me add that ipl works by absorbing heat into the pigmented areas of the skin or hair to destroy the hair follicle. For accurate scientific explanation please visit their website. Also, the ipl system is limited to certain skin colour range and hair range. It cannot be used on grey, white hairs or very dark skin.

I have so far used this 4 times, and even in less than half the time recommended (12 weeks, once every week after shaving the area), there is more than a quarter reduction of the growth of hairs. A lot of my follicles have no hairs in them and the ones that show growth, the hairs are very fine already.

All in all I am very pleased and shall persist because of the ease and pain and hair free amazing results.

For ladies with PCOS, there will always be hair am afraid according to aestheticians and doctors that I have discussed with but with laser and ipl the hairs will be very fine and the reduction will be 80 to 90 % less for many months to maybe years depending on your own individual hormonal issues. I still get my face done every 3 to 6 months even though I have done more than 12 yag laser treatments but am happier now without bleaching or waxing or threading every day!

I really hope this review helps some of you and here is to hoping we will need less and less of these treatments in the future.

Let me add that this machine was bought by my own money (£299 from Boots) and no company has sent me this for a review and any opinion expressed here is my own. It is well worth the money as 1 session of full leg with bikin line, the ipl or laser at salons is anything from £200 to £350 for 1 treatment. Recommended treatments for any area for a long term reduction is 6.