2 Jan 2016

Color b 4

So being lazy means you have to pay the price - literally! 

Few months ago as I did not have time to go to the hair dressers, I ended up buying a box of permanent hair dye to cover my roots and ends (what a mistake). I went from a medium brown to a very dark brown which even after a few shampoos looked as dark as the first day except ofcourse the grays at the front that keep popping up as silver strays.

So now that I had time I thought I would be even braver and use a color remover called Color B4. The box I used was of normal strength as It was the first time using a new chemical and all. I thought worse comes to worse It wont work and I have to visit a professional colorist anyway now......so the first time I used it I actually could see some brown in my hair and I thought this promising.

I thought after 1h if I can see some brown that is good, I should use itagain and   remove some more as I felt still dark. 

Apparently you can use it upto 3 times in a row to remove stubborn hair dyes after doing some research on the net.

So today was my second attempt and as expected am pleased to say I am a gingery brown now with a few patchy bits  . 

If you strip dark asian hair you are bound to get to an orangey colour thanks to our pigment makeup.

So yay am ready now for my ash corrector tone but this time in a semi Permanent colour that will last only a few washes.

Permanent color although covers grey better looks quite flat ie not 3d.

Here is my before excuse the posing

Here is the after from the front (I prefer) and the back (I

I wont be using another round of colour as I feel that would make my hair too light  to begin with.

Hope this review was helpful. Always do a colour test on your skin and strand test 24 h before you use any hair product.

This review is my own opinion and I have bought this product for my own personal use myself. This is not a sponsored ad!