25 Dec 2012

Professional Makeup Artist Discount Schemes

For those of you that have recently finished a course in makeup, one of the most important thing on your mind is to now get a makeup kit together for your clients.

A makeup kit is not cheap and it takes a long time and loads of money to reflect your client base.

Most companies (apart from the designer ones) and makeup stores, will have a professional makeup artist scheme that you could apply for; proving that you work in the industry (by showing various items like):

copies of your certificates
a website
a business card
a call sheet to show that you have been hired for a job
union card with photo id
any published or credited work

Some of the companies that offer the scheme are:

MAC - provides 35 % but you have an annual fee of approx £26 to pay
Illamasqua - provides 40% discount no fee to pay
Bobbi Brown - provides 40 % but you have to pay an annual fee again
Makeup Up Forever
Makeup Atelier
Laura Mercier
Urban Decay
Too faced
Minerals ID
Daniel Sandler

Stores - PAM and Guru Emporium

You should apply to the each company either via e-mail or by post.

Please add to this list if you know of others that provide a discount.