23 Sep 2012

Nyx eyebrow cake powder 02

I have just discovered Nyx at the Olympia Beauty show 2012 and out of various products have found their eyebrow kit in 02 the best. It comes with:

  • two shades of flat brown (darker and a slightly lighter one) ideal for ladies of colour or for darker brows
  • a brush to colour the brows with
  • a mascara brush to brush the eyebrows if you have put too much on or just to brush them anyway
  • a waxy gloss again if you want to give your brows some shine and direction or if you have larger gaps and you put the wax on first then touch with the brown powder, it gives you a darker and longer lasting effect
  • best thing is it is tiny enough to carry it in my purse or use in my kit!

PS:- there are other shades in this kit for lighter brows or coloured brows