25 Dec 2012

What to do after your makeup course?

First of all let me tell you that you have entered a career that is not only exciting but very competitive. There are also various branches of makeup : fashion, media, weddings, special effects

Most students that leave their course have no idea how long it takes to establish themselves let alone build a decent portfolio!

This career is :for people who are not only creative but are willing to persevere and have the patience. So, a lot of it is about your personality.

Let me make somethings very clear:

YOU WILL NOT GET ANY PAID JOB AS SOON AS YOU LEAVE YOUR COURSE. Unless you already have a family business or a ready made client base waiting for you.....you will need to do a lot of the things mentioned below.

If you think you will get hired because of a certain school name on your certificate- think again! In this industry it is about your skills and personality. A good teacher will teach you well but it is up to you to practise and get better to impress. All the jobs that I have ever been booked for have been based on my various portfolios and word of mouth. Clients do not ask to see your certificates.

Things to do:

Build your own simple website or hire someone

Get some business cards made

Invest in a decent camera and try and take good pictures of your work even if they are not models

Learn to Photoshop but do not over do it as it only destroys the quality if your hard work. If you can get some lessons.

Keep a budget for marketing (or who will know about your work). Even though there are free sites, social media to register your site, be realistic as all others will do the same. Do your own research for marketing there are various options and you will need something that works for you and your budget.

Collaborate with others in the industry (photographers, stylists, models) to build or expand your portfolio. You will need to collaborate with others who are at the same level as you as professionals will not take a junior and have their work at stake! It takes years to build a good portfolio.

Network within your industry, find out opportunities and take your business cards and a portfolio (ipad or printed).

Apply for counter jobs, it will teach you how to sell products, build a kit with daounted prices, how to communicate with clients, how to be professional, network and not only keep you uptodate with product news but also give you a chance to practise on real people of all ages and colour. If you cannot get a job at a makeup counter get one in any retail area and then apply for the counter job after experience.

Shadow makeup artists if they provide opportunities. Count yourself lucky if you get this chance, most artists will not take on juniors or people they have not trained. Try and watch something different each time, and try and shadow a few. Shadowing is FREE, which means you pay for your own travel and lunch.

Things to remember when shadowing:

Leave good impressions

Be polite

Be keen

Ask questions after the job is over

Switch your mobile off

Do NOT not turn up to the job - YOU WONT BE ASKED AGAIN!

Do NOT block the way or light for work.

Do NOT be late - you won't be asked again!

Do NOT take pictures as it is NOT your work and most clients won't appreciate that.

Do NOT take cigarette breaks while shadowing

Ask permission for most things

If you can do ask to help carry bags or clean brushes or clean brushes

Goodluck in your new and exciting career!