20 Dec 2010

Illamasqua Products

So, I went make-up shopping in the snow as soon as the trains and tubes were running again! I have been reading various Illamasqua reviews and watching YouTube (incase you did not know but I have 2 accounts there now, and I am looking forward to uploading a few videos soon, so please subscribe:www.youtube.com/sanakmakeupartist for Asian work and
www.youtube.com/sanakmakeup for my Western work).

I ended up in Charles Fox in Covent Garden  and bought quite a few items but the ones I wanted to show you were by Illamasqua. If you go to their link they tell you where they sell their brand - online and at various retail shops in London. The good news is that if you are a make-up artist, they give you 40% discount if you shop online, so all you need to do is provide a few items to prove you work in the industry.  My discount was approved this morning!

Here are the 4 colours I picked:

In order from L to R - Puzzle, Gypsy, Fluke, Slave (the latter two are pretty similar)

Puzzle is like a bright yellow
Gypsy is like a burnt orange
Fluke and Slave are both light peachy coloured which can easily be used as highlighters

The bad news is that the 4 eye shadows I picked up from Charles Fox, are discontinued by Illamasqua!

I have used them on my eyes today (sorry did not take a picture) but they are highly pigmented and very blendable, matt eyeshadows. I might do a quick tutorial with these so you can see how I used them.

As my online discount is activated I shall be buying a few more of their eyeshadows for my kit.