20 Dec 2010

Kryolan / Dermacolor Products

A lot of you ask me about the foundations I use in my work. The answer to that is I use a whole variety but for stage make-up or heavy coverage (to hide marks or scars) or for photographic make-up I like to use Kryolan products. They have a range called Dermacolor which is great to camouflage things like tattoos or heavy pigmented areas (melasmas, birth marks, blemishes or eye bags).

I have bought 2 palettes which are great for any make-up artist, one is Light and the other is called medium (great for any make up artists' kit, as we need a range of colours to mix and match). I thought this was great for my Western and Asian models / clients). I also bought a concealer wheel darker colours which can be used on darker skin tones as concealers, as foundations for a heavy coverage or simply as contouring colours on medium / dark skins.

Lastly, there is an empty palette here which is great if you have other brands' concealers and you want to make your own concealer palette (I have several MAC ones that could use this for. These make great lipstick palettes. Just make sure you label them under each well with a permanent marker pen. Palettes save you taking several make-up items and considerably lightens your kit!