19 Oct 2009

Model Behaviour

Whether you are a male or a female model there is certain etiquette of castings and shoots:
1. Be on TIME or no point turning up (which means you should find out where and how to go well in advance - NO EXCUSES)
2. Be presentable which means:
- no makeup (which also means no mascara and eyeliner and lipgloss too, no makeup means squeaky clean), skin should be moisturised (no chapped lips)

- neat hair

-clean breath (the distance between a makeup artist and a hair stylist is quite a small one......)

- clean hands and nails - general hygeine (which means no body odour or strong perfumes)

- appropriate clothes and shoes
3. Bring your portfolio which can be 1 headshot and 1 full body shot

4. Switch your mobile off (this is a job and you need to be committed)

5. Do not eat and drink during makeup (it spoils a makeup artist's work). Good artists / photographers will always stop for a break or lunch so you can wait.

6. Please do not tell the makeup artist / hair person / photographer how to do their work. Most looks are agreed beforehand. TFCD Shoots are not makeovers!

7. If you have any allergies or medical conditions like epilepsy or migraines etc please tell before hand as photography / flash can trigger things.

8. Be professional (means no bitching and getting personal with anyone) - try and be pleasant company so you are remembered well and RECOMMENDED onwards for future work.

9. After a casting people are shortlisted so please do NOT hound anyone to take you and consider you - you will all be notified.

10. Be realistic for what your strong point will be, ie you might have an amazing bone structure so you could be used for beauty shots but not a fashion shoot.

Last of all goodluck!