19 Oct 2009

Men and Makeup

Majority of my clients are females and of that most of them are models, brides, students or women who want to learn to do their own makeup. There is a very small proportion of men who request makeup but only for themed parties or a special occasion like professional photography.

With new makeup brands emerging, and the media's emphasis on looking good, I often wonder how many men go and buy spot cover or concealer (unless you are a model) for their daily routine. My guess is not many.....please correct me if I am wrong.

If you did a search on makeup for men on google, a range of metrosexual products come up. In order for it to be marketed to men it has to be packaged differently and called by another name! Surely, a mascara is still a mascara even if it is called a MANscara.....

I am intrigued to find out how many men out there would be interested in learning to apply makeup on themselves for whatever reason (that am not interested in).