19 Oct 2009

Can I be a model?

I often get asked this question and I am in no capacity to make anyone a model. In the past few years my work might have 'helped' a few faces in the right direction just the way they 'helped' my portfolio by doing tf work. Eventally tf work might lead to better opportunities for most people involved.

 nb:- TF - TRADE FOR (eg free editted high resolution pictures in return for makeup or modelling)

The answer is never that simple. It depends on a range of factors:
  • What kind of modelling do you want to do? Fashion, Glamour, Beauty? Plus Size?
  • Are you entering the Western mainstream or Asian?
  • How tall are you? Are you tall enough for the ramp?
  • How good is your skin?
  • Do you have professional pictures? (No, mobile uploads will not do!)
  • How old are you?
  • How realistic are you?
  • Are you thick skinned enough to take several rejections?
  • How strict are you with your diet / exercise?
  • How dedicated or hard working are you?
  • Have you ever tried a professional agency?
There is enough material on the web to research on if you want to be a model but you have to take various things into account before making any decision.