20 Jan 2011

SMASHBOX Metallic Cream Eye Liner Palette

I have recently bought this palette, thinking that it will cut down the weight and bulk of carrying several coloured eyeliners.

Shades that are present are top row: Onyx, topaz, emerald, Sapphire and Gold
Bottom row is Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Graphite, Platinum and bronze

The colours are al fabulous and come out true on your hand and eyes. My only problem is that they get smudged and run, so an option of putting an eyeshadow on top will work (got to try that). Not pleased as nobody wants smudged eyeliners. It is pricey at £30 and and quantity is small for each colour.

BUT BUT BUT..... I shall be using them as a colourful base on eyelids for all photographic work like I would use greasepaints so can you!

Will post a picture of this later.