18 Oct 2011

Sassoon Soiree - Best Haircut

Few months ago, I blogged about the 30 week Diploma I was involved with at the Sassoon Academy in London.

The last 10 weeks were spent preparing for our final graduation show. We were a small team of 6 students, who had to organise 3 models each;  clothes, accessories, food, drinks, props, makeup, photography, videography, thank you gifts etc. It seemed like a big task especially as we had watched previous shows which seemed of a really high standard. The show was booked at Wella Studios in Mortimer Street and we knew that would add a professional backdrop for our the catwalk.

The theme title was finalised as Manufactured Landscapes and in short we were inspired by Architectural buildings or anything man-made with some kind of definitive structure.

Here is a picture of Tulip fields that summarised our theme and also formed our colour palette for hair.

Previously Sassoon cuts were known to be inspired by the Bauhaus, so as this was a classic course, we thought this theme was perfect.

Classic cuts are all about sharp lines and angles but ofcourse executed according to suitability to the face.

We also watched several Sassoon DVD collections to get inspiration from.

One of the looks that I  was really inspired by was from the Tribe one collection, which was a long hair cut with a really creative fringe.

Here is the haircut I did ........

this was chosen as the best haircut at the show. I was really pleased with the finish and the whole look.
The colours that I chose were a warm reddy brown all over and a blue black in the fringe area.

Other cuts that I did were a scissor over comb with layers for a young male

and creative cut with creative colours of purples with a bleach and tone.

This officially marks the beginnings of hairdressing for me (even though I have been hairstyling for nearly a decade thanks to Weddings and Fashion work).