21 May 2011

Scissor Happy days at Sassoon Academy - London

OK so it has been a very long time since my last blog - APOLOGIES first! Now an explanation - I joined the Sassoon Academy in March and have not had much time as it is full time from 9am to 5 pm Mon to Fri. I am completing the NVQ 3 and Sassoon Diploma (30 weeks) which is in Hair cutting and colouring. These new skills will be an addition to my existing makeup and hair styling skills.

For those of you who might be thinking of hair dressing, a quick overview is that the 30 week course is divided in 6 stages (5 weeks each) and at every stage you learn something new and exciting.
Stage 1 - overview of the course and basics covered with some cutting at the end, main emphasis is on hairstyling.

I won the best mood board for end of stage 1. Mood board had to show best hair styles done so far.

Stage 2 - main focus on cutting women's hair, with some additional knowledge on colour theory (also get to spend a day at Wella and learn about their products)
Stage 3 - main emphasis on Barbering, some more colour theory and cutting hair
Stage 4 - Colouring Hair nearly everyday
Stage 5 - Cutting and Colouring Hair
Stage 6 - Advanced cuts and prepare for graduation soiree (find 2 to 3 models for hair show) - END of diploma!

At the end of every stage, there is always a competition of best student portfolio and mood board and the amount of products sold!

At present I am just finishing Stage 2 and have a better understanding of the ABC cutting theory than when I began. I must say although cutting hair is enjoyable, it is very technical and colouring is just another story to be amazing! I am really looking to the next few stages and in the meantime, have started taking the opportunity of cutting my friends and family's hair to add to my practise.

Might I also add, that throughout the course as our knowledge and skill set is increasing, our hair length is decreasing. In the past 10 weeks I have had 3 hair cuts......well, I did have hair below my shoulders!

Last but not least, this week the movie about Vidal Sassoon has released in London. I was lucky enough to grab a ticket which played at Westfield. Lucky because the great Hairdressing Icon Vidal Sassoon himself was going to be there for a Q & A after the show.

I am not sure whether I was more excited to watch the movie or the fact that I got to see him and get a photograph with him (o ok so we are in the same FRAME!!)